What is RCKN IT? The Story

RCKN IT! is a community of women helping each other gain the confidence and skills in outdoor pursuits. It is a network of strong women who spend their weekdays dreaming of sunny trails, sisterhood, and sleeping under the stars.

The RCKN IT!community began with a Facebook group founded by Susan Boelman, and grew quickly to nearly a thousand members, with group hikes happening nearly every week. As RCKN IT! evolved, it became a way for women to learn self-sufficiency skills, especially when it comes to outdoor recreational vehicles such as campers, boats, and ATVs. Susan saw a need for not only women’s outdoor skills classes, but workshops that move beyond “survival skills” and empower women to be confident in their abilities and be active participants in the recreational activities that they love. She also saw a need for a community of like-minded weekend warriors to learn, grow, and experience nature together.

She saw that here in western Montana, women and their families spend a lot of time doing outdoor activities, but they often lack the knowledge to maneuver equipment with confidence. Out of that grew the RCKN Reverse clinic--a non-competitive, community-centered workshop on how to hitch, tow, and back up trailers. The workshop was met with such success, RCKN IT! expanded to offer other clinics such as RCKN Camper, RCKN River, RCKN Tractor, among others.

RCKN IT! also offers downloadable guides and resources for outdoor adventures. RCKN IT! has hosted dozens of women and families at weekend campouts and cabin adventures since its beginning, wrapping up skills courses with a meal together down by the campfire. The Facebook group, RCKN Outdoor Sisterhood, still thrives and serves as a hub for outdoor inspiration and women lifting each other up.

In 2019, RCKN IT! will offer immersive nature retreats for women in western Montana, inspiring them to find their nature piece, and nurture peace.